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We will be partially closed during 
MARCH and APRIL 2018 for construction

Sea Glass Spa

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Drift Away...

Customer Testimonials

"One of the most relaxing, tranquil places I've been in a long time..Thank you to my friend Sarah, for going the extra mile to make sure I had an appointment and for being so amazing at what you do."
~Julie R.


"What a treat to have one of Sarah's facials.
A calm and oh so soothing oasis!"
~ Cheryl L. 


"SEA GLASS SPA is magical and mystical. 
Sarah, thank you for waving your magic wand today and making me feel like a princess. Your facial and Julia's massage have put me in a trance. I love your place." 
~Judy D.

"Thank you, Sarah! My facial was very relaxing and  

now hours later my face is still glowing. My skin has not looked this good in a long time. Your salon is beautiful too. I will be back...see you next year."

~ Christine K.

"Sea Glass Spa is the most amazing place ever. Sarah's facials are the BEST I have ever had and she does an amazing job with eyebrows too. I live in Mass, but I am sure to schedule appointments with Sarah each time I come to BBH to visit my parents! I have found no other spa that compares to Sea Glass. It is truly the BEST!!!"

~ Neysa M.

"Very helpful and accommodating!!! 

Nice atmosphere and excellent service!!"

~Leah T.

"Fell asleep during my facial, now that is relaxation!! I impatiently await my next reoccurring appointment for my nap time!! Thanks Sarah!!!"

~ Ashlee L.

"What a beautiful and calm space! My eyebrows look amazing! Can't wait to schedule a facial..."

~Kerri P.